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From the dawn of time we came,
following the Path of Glory, bound for a Hell of Steel,
singing songs of true metal and eternally fighting
for the Crown and the Ring.
Knights and Barbarians met Amazons and Witches
and together we continued our quest,
increasing in numbers,
growing stronger year by year,
leaving whimps and posers wasted on our way
and marching forward through
the Blood of our Enemies
until the true Kings of Metal remain
and fight for the Prize !
The time of the Gathering is now.

So you have come here to the Home of the Warriors! This section will tell you who we are and give you some information about that which we call the Ultimate Hardcore Fantasy Event. If you would like to go to Valhalla in the end... the Warriors’ Feast is the place to be at while you are still alive!

In general, the WARRIORS FEAST is a regular semi-medieval outdoor happening, sporting swordfights, heavy metal music, roast meat and vast amounts of ale and mead. For more than 15 years now we do there what we love best: Drinking, rocking, and fighting! It is a haven for all who are bored by the usual medieval reenactment stuff, where the fun has been lost due to senseless discussions about authenticity, formalisms and other crap. It is a gathering of friends, also. Usually we number about 20 people, with some variations, celebrating a barbaric-romantic mood rooted in the writings of Robert E. Howard, Stephen Grundy and Bernard Cornwell, merged with the raw power of True Heavy Metal Music by David deFeis (Virgin Steele), Manowar, (epic) Bathory and many more.
We brawl, we drink sitting by the bonfire, we shout our prayers to the Pagan Gods of our forefathers, we improve our kit, we fight just for the love of it. Some of us you will meet at differing reenactment events, but the FEAST is strictly private. We do not join medieval markets; we are no market people. We are warriors and associates, we do not like being spied upon and we do not trade. You have to join or you have no access - with the exception of this internet appearance.
So have a good time and enjoy your stay. Now you are the guest of the Warriors. And if you know the joy of swordfights and reenactment combat, share in the celebration of ancient rites and traditions, and love the company of good friends gathered around a fire - you may be our brother in spirit!

Meredyth 2008

On the right hand side, you always will find the submenues, delving deeper into FEAST mythology. FEAST FACTS is an essay answering possible questions about us. THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR gives insight into the ethics that we stand for. EARLY  YEARS and TRUE FEASTS lists the English texts of the FEAST invitations. FEAST HYMN is a song about the Warriors.